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American Express Centurion CardYou know when your credit card is made of anodized titanium, offers services such as a dedicated concierge and travel agent, complimentary companion airline tickets on certain international flights , personal shoppers at retailers such as Escada, Gucci, and Neiman Marcus, access to airport clubs, first class flight upgrades, membership in Sony’s Cierge personal shopping program, and dozens of other elite club memberships and costs you $5,000.00 just to sign up, not to mention the $2,500.00 yearly fee with a minimum spending requirement of $250,000 per year, that you probably have the world’s most expensive credit card at your disposal.

The name of this card is the American Express Centurion Card and it was made available In 1999 as a result of an urban legend from the 1980′s where the bearer of the card could order up luxuries instantly; some of the reported uses of this card involve the bearer ordering a trip to Paris via Concorde and buying the horse used by Kevin Costner in the movie Dances with Wolves.

Just in case you’re itching to get your hands on the world’s most expensive credit card, be warned, we just took this from “Available by invitation only, The Centurion Card is the world’s rarest American Express Card and confers a level of service that can be extended only to selected individuals worldwide.”

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