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In 1991, women’s groups across Canada successfully lobbied to have the Miss Canada contest cancelled. The group was successful in their endeavors claiming that the contest was degrading to women. The last Miss Canada, Nicole Dunsdon, completed her reign in October 1992.


Nicole Dunsdon

Nicole Dunsdon


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The 2004-05 NHL season was cancelled due to a player lockout and when the 2005-06 season rolled around an exciting new rule was implemented, the shootout, thus ending the chance of a game finishing in a tie.

We dug around and found that on Sunday, April 4 2004, the last day of the 2003-04 regular season there were two ties, the last ties in the NHL.

The Philadelphia Flyer and the NY Islanders skated to a 3-3 tie and the Carolina Hurricanes and the Florida Panthers finished up tied at 6-6.

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So this guy, Scott Brierley, goes into the West Midlands Safari Park, in Worcestershire, England and drops his iPhone, a nearby elephant named Latabe (obviously with poor taste) grabs the phone and take the world’s first elephant selfie or is it elphie?

When Scott got his phone back after the safaris keepers retrieved it he noticed the photo but by English law he may not have rights to it even though it is his phone. Who owns the photo then? Latabe does but maybe a few tons of fruit might just buy the rights.

Latabe's Selfie

Latabe’s Selfie

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Forget New York’s Fifth Avenue after a 12 square meter shop on the city’s exclusive Russell Street in Hong Kong sold for a staggering $US23 million or just over $2 million per square meter and will be rented out for $US55,900 per month.

Russell Street first topped the ranks as the most expensive street in 2012, taking over from New York’s Fifth Avenue, and continues to stay at the top, with high end retailers superseding traditional mainstream chain stores.

Russell Street, Hong Kong

Russell Street, Hong Kong

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most expensive Starbucks drinkIf you’re a gold member at Starbucks and you’ve bought 12 coffees you know your next one is free so what do you do?

Make the news of course, by ordering the most expensive Starbucks coffee ever and that’s just what Andrew Chifari of Dallas did.

Andrew ordered the now-called Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino which included 60 shots of espresso and should have cost $54.75 but as a Gold member of Starbucks’ loyalty program he got it for.

The free drink coupon entitles him to any drink available, the only limits, it seems, were his imagination and what the baristas would let him get away with and he wanted to top last year’s effort in which a customer ordered a 48-shot drink that cost $47.

Andrew brought in a 128-ounce glass and the baristas on McKinney Avenue got to work. The drink went viral. It took him five days to drink it. On Twitter, he’s posted pictures and his thoughts about his stunt: “I think the fact that Kelly Ripa said my name and Michael Strahan said I was smart has been the most exciting.”

The things you say when you’re wired on caffine.